Annual Vehicles Inspection Form  

Vehicle Inspected Components

Passed Inspection Needs Repair N/A
Service Brakes
Parking Brake
Brake Drums/Rotors
Brake Hose
Low Pressure Warning Device
Air Compressor
Tractor Protection Valve
Electric Brakes
Hydraulic Brakes
Vacuum Systems

Coupling Devices

Passed InspectionNeeds RepairN/A
Fifth Wheels
Drawbar/Towbar Tongue
Drawbar/Towbar Eye
Pintle Hooks

Steering Mechanism

Passed Inspection Needs Repair N/A
Steering Column
Steering System
Steering Gear Box
Pitman Arm
Power Steering
Steering Wheel Free Play
Front Axle Beam + Related Components
Tie Rods and Drag Links
Ball and Socket Joints


Passed InspectionNeeds RepairN/A
U-bolts, Springs, Etc. Cracked or Broken
Torque, Radius or Tracking Components
Spring Assembly

Exhaust System

Passed InspectionNeeds RepairN/A
Leaks found at a point forward of or directly below the driver/sleeper compartment
Found burning, charring, or damage to the electrical wiring

Fuel System

Passed InspectionNeeds RepairN/A
Visible Leak
Fuel Tank Filler Cap Missing


Passed InspectionNeeds RepairN/A
Adjustable Axle Assemblies
Tire and Wheel Clearance
Frame Members

Tires, Wheels and Rims

Passed InspectionNeeds RepairN/A
Tire Tread
Lock or Side Ring
Wheels and Rims Not Bent

Windshield and Wipers

Passed InspectionNeeds RepairN/A
Cracks or Holes That Impede Vision
Wiper Missing Parts
Wipers Fully Functional

Other Misc:

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