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Your WordPress forms are just a few clicks away. Select your form fields, click on them or just drag & drop them to the editor, put some dynamic conditional logic if necessary, and voila! You got your unique, super rich form.

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The Fastest Form Builder with Incredible Features

WP Fluent Forms has all the enticing features to make and customize a form for any purpose. Be it a simple contact form or checkout form, you can efficiently build it without any trouble. The new WP Fluent Forms holds a brilliant set of functionalities to amaze people from different walks of life. 

Ready Input Fields

All input fields are thoughtfully built, and they're meant to fill a particular purpose. Everyone has their own traits.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

To build a form, all you have to do is drag the fields you need and drop them to see the magic. Form building was never easier.

Pre-built Form Templates

You know what's FUN? Select a template and build a form in no time. Dozens of templates and all are categorized.

Calculated Fields

If you keep options for adding numbers and you need to get them calculated, yes, our form builder plugin can help you out.

Visual Data Reporting

Based on the submitted entries, WP Fluent Forms will create charts to better understand the data for further actions.

Step Forms

Now cut long forms into multi-step formats. Studies show these forms have elevated conversion rate, and users feel comfort.

Multi-column Form Layout

Want to change the typical one-column layout? Use WP Fluent Forms and introduce a two or three-column layout.

Conditional Logic

This single feature is a highly valuable option that can help you achieve the control you want over your form.

File & Image Upload

If you authorize users to upload their files and images, then they can do it. Not to mention it's a handy feature sometimes.

Block Spams & Blank Entries

You can enable reCAPTCHA for human verification and activate the default option to prevent blank entries.

Form Scheduling & Restriction

Schedule a form when you want to show it's in action, and restrain when you don't allow users to submit.

Automated Form Confirmation

Activate the automated option, and users will receive a message for their successful form submission.

Conditional Email Notification

You're never away from your forms. Whenever a form is submitted, both you and your users can get notified if you allow.

Repeat Fields

Repeat field is a useful feature for adding multiple fields dynamically. A user can add many of the same fields with this option.

15+ 3rd-party Integrations

With third-party integration, you can make the plugin more powerful and amass more strength in one place.

Action Hooks for Developers

If you're a developer, then you know how action hooks work. Add your own input type with action hooks in WP Fluent Forms.

SMS Notification

With a Twilio, you can activate SMS notification and let your users know about the submission on their mobile phones.

Ready-to-use Features at Your Service

The experience of creating an online form has never been so fluent. The intuitive design of WP Fluent Forms puts all the tools right where you need them!

Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder

Isn’t it a waste of time if you have to code each and every section of your form, when you can just drag and drop the elements and create the form you need in just a few seconds? Well, WP Fluent Forms comes with drag & drop feature for the ease of your use. You don’t have to be a coder or look for someone’s help to build a form with WP Fluent Forms. In fact building customized and effective forms with WP Fluent Forms is so easy and intuitive, that even your school-going kids or your not-so-tech-savvy granny can use it

Pre-built Form Templates

Why do the same thing over and over again? Or why waste time on the simple form that is all the same in every possible websites you see? WP Fluent Forms comes with 3 pre-built form templates that helps save your precious time. The most used forms that are used in different websites are Contact Forms, Support Forms and Event Registration Forms. And WP Fluent Forms has already built these forms for you, so that you can create these forms with just a single click!And if you feel like customizing these forms, you can do that easily as well, just like any other forms you create with WP Fluent Forms! Can any other WordPress form builder plugin be so fluent?

All The Input Fields You Need

WP Fluent Forms comes with all the possible input fields you might need to create a form. From simple Name input fields to Customizable Text fields and Checkboxes, Repeat Fields or Custom HTML- everything is within your hand’s reach, waiting to be deployed! And the best thing is, these input fields are developed to ensure your best experience. Just click on them or drag & drop to the editor, and they are deployed. You get to customize and edit them according to your requirement any time you want!

Multi-column Form Layout

Don’t scare away your potential subscribers with scary long forms. Rather, isn’t it easier to arrange the form in an optimized way so that it doesn’t seem “too long”?To be honest, no one likes to see a L-O-N-G form. It instantly switches people off, and no one fills out those. And even who does, gets easily tired of this process, which definitely gives your website a negative impression.But you need your users to fill out a long form, don’t you? And here comes WP Fluent Forms to your rescue. WP Fluent Forms allows you to organize the input fields in two/three columns. And voila! Your submission form doesn’t look so “LONG” anymore! In fact, it gives your form and website much more compact and professional look! Using WP Fluent Forms’ Multi-column Form layout you can easily organize some of your rows in single columns, some in two-columns, and some in three columns; whichever layout suits your specific rows!

100% Responsive

You have just built a form from your desktop or laptop. And when it goes live, you see that no one is actually filling it up. One day goes, two days go… and then one of your friends point out to you how messy it looks on his/her mobile device. All the fields are broken, messed up, unorganized, mis-labelled, and the “Submit” button is nowhere to be seen on the screen!You definitely do not want to go through this phase. It is a MUST for any plugin to be 100% Responsive and Mobile-ready.

Amazing Features to Make Your Forms Smarter

Make forms in minutes, But don’t forget to make them more efficient and user-friendly with these amazing features.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Don’t be in two minds before you hit the Purchase button. Let us answer all your questions so that you can avail this special discount offer with ease of mind!

Don’t bother your users with long, boring forms, but receive whatever information you want to need! With our Step Form feature & Multi-column layout, make your forms easier and user-friendly for your visitors!

Absolutely not. We build FluentForm very carefully and maintained WP standards as well as we only load styles / scripts in the pages where you will use the FluentForm.

Yes, With our powerful conditional logic panel you can build any type of complex forms. You can add one or multiple conditional logics to any field and it will work like a charm.

Yes, You can use 2 column or 3 column containers and you can build forms.

Yes, You can export your data in CSV format. We will add other file formats very soon.


Like its performance, Fluent Forms Pro comes with the most affordable pricing plan. We offer you more and charge less compared to the other plugins you might find. The price includes 1 year updates and VIP support.

Single Site License

A great starting place for individual users who manage One WordPress Website


Agency License

A great starting place for individual users who manage Five WordPress Websites


Unlimited License

A great starting place for individual users who manage Unlimited WordPress Websites


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